July 25, 2020
July 25, 2020 Dawn Ravenwind

Uruz. The phoenetic “oo” sound of the Elder Futhark, pronounced as in food or moo, it is used more commonly in Germanic words like Blüt, meaning blood. Uruz means aurochs; the extinct and untameable beast cow.

This rune relates to the heart of the beast, the indomitable will to live and thrive despite the odds. Like the windswept conifers at his feet, aurochs were built and meant for the wild and free, and were stronger and had more character and mystery because of it.

Where Fehu was loose floating matter, here we see that manifested into a higher form. The auroch could not be herded like cattle, and was a source of mystery and awe.

Uruz allows you to find your center and dig deep into the survivor within.

Uruz allows you to find your center and dig deep into the survivor within. It’s not just a survivor, but a fighter. This rune can aid in healing and health for those who are sick, and allowing one to thrive and flourish despite the odds. It can also aid in integration of trauma into the broader picture of what makes you a more awesome version of you.

One should not focus on the strife aspect of this rune, which will be presented later in Hagal, or the endurance of Isa that relates more to a pause and escape, but on the thriving head on strength aspect needed to climb those mountains.

There is also a magical aspect of manifestation in this rune. Its shape, although somewhat auroch-like, has been said to represent first the upward draw of energy from the source, which is then given direction and released back into its source. This is the path of magic and manifestation.

It is for this, and the heart related aspect that I chose to represent this rune in purple (should perhaps be more of a pink purple but the stylish blue suited the landscape better). I wanted to make sure ice was incorporated, despite this being an earthy rune, to relate to the original cow Audumla who licked the ice of Niflheim to provide milk to the frost giant Ymir, who birthed all life thereafter and whose body became the world.

The bent bristlecones are a naturally bonsaied tree, again representing beauty and unique strength, appearing and creating a thriving life despite the unyielding forces against them.

Uruz – The Aurochs – Strength & Vitality