Ravenwind Illustration

Ravenwind Illustration

The Illustrated Book of Runes
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Dawn Ravenwind

Dawn Ravenwind is a fantasy artist, author, and mother of one, aka. “Mother of Dragons.” She is a Metis artist born in Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada. Dawn grew up off-grid without electricity or hot water and is very connected to nature. After graduating with Honour’s and distinction with a BSc from the University of Victoria she wrote her master thesis on climate change.

Dawn has studied the Elder Futhark runes for over 10 years, and uses them regularly as part of her daily practice. She is excited to be contributing to the field through a unique illustrated art book that she hopes will inspire a new generation of runesters.

Dawn also designs intricate fantasy scale mail apparel which is available through www.dragonheartart.com her pieces have been used in film, circus, burlesque, theatre, and of course many festivals and flow jams.

When she is not toiling away in her workshop focused on creative endeavours, Dawn enjoys the outdoor life in the Kootenay area of BC with her son, little Ragnar (who also loves dragons and swordplay).

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