December 9, 2020 Dawn Ravenwind

Laguz. The lake. The leek. Laguz refers to life force energy. Water is the primary source of life on earth, so it is no surprise that the lake and water should be connected in the rune for life force. There is a relaxed, flowing sense to Laguz, as it is another rune of movement, though not of matter but of energy. The leek is a symbol of health also, as it was one of the vegetables grown by the old Germanic peoples and harvesting them in the fall would signify a successful growing year.

Laguz, the lake, along with any other body of water, is part of the subconscious dreamstate language and symbolizes energy.

The lake, along with any other body of water, is part of the subconscious dreamstate language and symbolizes energy. For example, if you dream of a small pond, this is a reference to a small, unmoving source of energy, whereas a massive flowing river is much energy being channelled into motion. That Laguz symbolizes the lake and life energy should thus come as no surprise, as this is again a universal symbol that most cultures would be able to recognize. Water is necessary for all life, from the smallest microbe to the largest whale, and every plant, animal, fungus or bacteria that falls in between. Lakes and wetlands are also species rich, diverse ecosystems full of life.

Laguz is one of the fundamental healing runes, along with Uruz. This works with the leek and health, as leeks and onions are a remedy for cold and flu, and either water or leeks can be used in tandem with this rune to aid in healing. To flow like water is also another layer of importance, as it allows motion and energy to flow through stagnant areas. This can work to free physical ailments such as blood clots and is also important for psychological healing.

Water and emotions are also universally linked. Water can take on any state, it can be liquid, clouds, rain, ice, snow, a river, an ocean, a pond, etc. and it can change between those states depending on the environment around it. Emotions should flow like water, and be adaptable to whatever the environment is that one finds oneself. But sometimes we get trapped or stuck in one state, and this is when Laguz can help to release those emotions. Tears are a wonderful healing tool for trauma, to move past and let go of held emotions, and it is quite fitting that tears come in the form of leaked water.

The image of Laguz is that of a leek, stalk upright with a bent leaf. This is also the shape that many lake plants take, such as the cattail with upright stalks and bent leaves. Incidentally, cattails are also edible lake plants used by First Nations, as when you pull the stalk from the ground the root is edible, similar to the leek. Cattails also have a healing property, as they filter impurities from water and can be used in ponds to create clear, swimmable waters.

The leek is also a symbol that extends past just Nordic origins. Japanese proverb “duck with a leek on its back comes” is a phrase that means good fortune. Duck and leek soup is a traditional Japanese dish, and if the duck comes to you freely with a leek upon its back, it is offering itself up as a free meal. As ducks are creatures of the lake, this gives an example of the link to how the lake and the leek relate. This Japanese proverb also shows how leek and luck are related universally, as for the Norse, leeks were the result of lucky growing year.

Laguz is a rune of healing

In Laguz, our hero finally finds his healing. Ehwaz and Mannaz have helped him to find a purpose for his journey, and in Laguz he can finally come to reflect on how all of the pieces of his journey have come together. In Freya’s aett, he had to put in the work to find his tool, crafted himself a life and found joy. But Hagalaz and Heimdall’s aett took that all from him, and made him spend time in seclusion to find himself and his light again. Tyr’s aett has given him another chance to join humanity and find a new purpose, and Laguz is now allowing him to heal from the wounds he may have suffered in this journey. He can see that everything he had lost, and all his steps have led him to a greater purpose and place and he can now allow himself to flow with confidence.

Merkstave, Laguz symbolizes stagnation. This can be an area that needs healing, mentally or physically. It can also say that you have not taken enough time to relax, and that you need to focus on making time to allow yourself to recharge. Allowing yourself to slow down and go with the flow is important now.

Laguz – Leek or Lake – Life Force Energy